Discover the Top Home Based Businesses From the Experience of One Entrepreneur

I’m going to admit it right upfront, I’m very biased. But we all are. We become biased through our life experiences.But that doesn’t mean we can’t be honest in our advice or accurate.So what you’re going to read here are my candid and honest views of the top home based businesses and my experiences.I am a full time super affiliate. I make a very large income from home and have done so for over 7 years now. I now also have hundreds of students spread across the world who I train in my private service.So, I’m going to tell you right now one of the top home based businesses you can get involved in is affiliate marketing.In my view, it’s the best choice for most people because it’s the cheapest to start and run, it’s free to join affiliate programs, you have no bosses (but yourself), you can truly do it 100% from home (unlike many so-called home based businesses), and the sky is the limit on your income.Those are the upsides. What’s the downside?There is one. It’s a pay for performance business model. Which means if you don’t get results, you don’t get paid.Affiliate marketing is not for people who get all warm and cozy with the feeling of job security and a steady paycheck. If that’s what makes you feel warm and fuzzy, then I suggest actually not becoming an entrepreneur at all, no matter how difficult that is to hear.Another of the top home based businesses is network marketing, otherwise known as MLM. But let’s face it, MLM has a huge stigma in society. I know. I’ve tried it. It’s brutal.Ask anyone who has been involved in MLM: friends and family disperse when the MLM recruiter shows up. I actually belong to an MLM company that is publicly traded but only for the service it offers, not to promote it.I did, however, get involved in one MLM opportunity years ago to promote and I learned some very valuable lessons. I also learned that I do not like MLM at all as a business opportunity. But I learned how to deal with rejection, which is a valuable thing.Also, although network marketing is often pitched as one of the top home based businesses, the reality is most very successful network marketers don’t do it strictly from home, unlike affiliate marketing.Think about the very words: network marketing. Networking being the operative word. It’s a lot harder to network when you’re at home. True success stories in network marketing are those folks who talk to people wherever they are, and most of those places are not in their home.There are numerous other home based business opportunities but many of them are outright scams. Be wary of anything that asks for money upfront to give you the opportunity to work at home, unless it’s simply educational material or training. That’s different. Otherwise, you should not be paying for the privilege of working from home.Skepticism is healthy; but cynicism is poisonous. I myself am a natural skeptic but not a cynic. Skeptics do their due diligence, but cynics think nothing is legit. You have to learn how to walk the fine line between the two if you want to find and build a true at home business opportunity.

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